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Welcome to BES Conservatories Portsmouth. Our easy three step process is designed to help you find the right conservatory design at the best price.

Whether you have an exact plan when you are looking for conservatories or no idea where to start, our online system takes you through the various designs and materials and lets you select sizes and compare prices around Hampshire.


Once you have specified your design BES Conservatories Portsmouth will take the details and give you an online estimate of what your design is likely to cost.

Your online estimate can either be for a DIY ot Fully Fitted Conservatory.

It also allows you to adjust any of your selections giving you a good idea of where you can save money or where you can afford to splash out!

Once you are happy with your conservatory design and online estimate our team can use the details to search our network of suppliers and installers to find those that can meet your needs and get you the best price.

We will find you a maximum of four suppliers from in and around Hampshire who will be able to give you a competitive quote.

Simply compare their quotations to get yourself the best deal.


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BES Conservatories Portsmouth Tips for conservatories in and around Hampshire

Tip - If you are searching for conservatories then be aware that some companies in and around Hampshire are a bit dubious and may try to get you to sign up for your conservatory on their premises and then tell you that you can’t cancel- not so, and a stiff letter or a threat to call a local newspaper or a consumer programme will usually sort that out.

Tip - When you are looking for conservatories in and around Hampshire bear in mind that some contracts are considerably more onerous than others. Check, double check and get independent advice on the contract terms and conditions before you sign it.

Tip - When you are trying to find conservatories in and around Hampshire then be aware that traditionally the installation of conservatories onto bungalows has been difficult due to the lack of height. The Victorian and Edwardian hip-back has been specifically designed to overcome this issue, making it an attractive addition to any low level property.

Tip – If you are looking for conservatories in and around Hampshire, remember to check out how you can keep costs down, for example is there preparation work you can do in advance?

Tip – If you are looking for conservatories in and around Hampshire, most conservatory companies will quote you for the external area, but it''s the internal floor area that most buyers want to know, so work this out yourself or ask them to do it for you.

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